Success Stories

“Joining SPEAK was the best decision that I ever made. I felt like I belonged there.”

Lylia ‘18


1. Successes of our Foundational Mentoring Program


Our Foundational Mentoring program provides girls with an incredible peer support network within school to help with integration and engagement. It also provides multiple mentors who help bridge cultural and educational gaps about the high school to career pathway.

Students learned about

  • new colleges,

  • job titles within career fields of interest,

  • gained skills specific to careers they are interested in,

  • talked about their culture with a larger community of immigrant peers and learned about new cultures,

  • honed language and social skills

  • and added an incredible network of peers and professionals who helped boost confidence, esteem, and aspirations.

“Migrating to the U.S. was a big change for me; it was really difficult to adjust to this society. I started high school and met new people with different backgrounds, but still didn't feel like I belong here. After SPEAK, I have the confidence and boldness to speak openly, to keep educating myself about my career because I now know I've got a shot.”

— Monique, ‘18


2. Successes of our Leadership and Empowerment Courses


Through partnerships with Shanti Bhavan, Akanksha Fund, and incredible empowering women on the ground in Ghana, we launched our Speaker Series Empowerment Courses. These courses combine multiple narratives from different speakers in our Speaker Series to provide a short video for participants. After viewing the video, participants go through a case study and use the advice from speakers and peers to discuss the problem and identify possible resolutions. We had incredible participants in Accra and Tamale, Ghana, and Mumbai and a city outside of Bangalore, India.


3. Successes of our SPEAK Social Support Network


Our mentors come from around the nation, and from countries around the world. They come from an incredibly diverse group of organizations/companies in all different career fields.

Our growing Mentor Network provides the Social Support Network that we are working to tap into to build a platform where young girls like Ayoko (left) and Cristal (right) can access to meet role models and gain access to the most incredible opportunities.

Cory Booker.jpg

For a more in-depth look into our impact over time, please view our e-magazine, SPEAKMag!