Hello again and happy 2019! We are excited about the latest issue of our SPEAK Mag for many reasons. This issue is the first issue put together by student editor Cristal Davidson, our 2018 Ambassador of the Year! You may recognize her from the cover of our second SPEAK Mag! She has come a long way since the beginning, and we’re excited to have her voice present in the SPEAK Mag. Cristal is just one of the success stories of 2018, and I welcome you to read about all of our success stories of students and speakers in this third issue.

During 2018, we were busy with ensuring our cohort of girls graduated successfully, with lots of opportunities available to them as they moved further into their academic careers. We took the time to learn about their needs and those of their schools and families. This led to presenting a student workshop at Harvard, visiting colleges like Harvard and MIT, with students and families, hosting our first SPEAK Summit, and moving conversations forward with district leadership to integrate our program into even more schools so we can extend our impact. We’re humbled with what we’ve learned over 2018 and are excited about what’s to come in 2019! That is why this third issue focuses on relationships and the support we all need to empower ourselves and those around us. I’m so incredibly overwhelmed by the SPEAK network that continues to grow every day and wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day — may you share love with all those who lift you up each and every day!

A note from Hetal Jani

SPEAK Executive Director

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