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Mentoring is virtual and in rounds of 9 sessions

Shainu George ‘16
”Not only did my mentors genuinely care about where I ended up but they were also eager to help me out in any way possible,”


The mentors we select are individuals who identify as women who are professionals with at least 2 years of experience in their career field. You can start the mentor screening process by filling out this online application!

There are nine 45-min mentoring sessions in a typical mentoring round. Sessions happen virtually via a video conferencing platform, so mentors can be located anywhere they have internet access. Once mentors agree to a mentoring match, they are responsible for remaining consistent and punctual for each of the nine scheduled mentoring sessions.


SPEAK Mentorship provides training and a 9-session mentoring curriculum for each mentor. Mentors will teach their mentee three skills, of their choice, to promote personal and professional development, as well as the college and career choice process.  

One of the mentoring focus areas mentors are trained on is the “Career Ecosystem”. This is a concept mentors can use to educate their mentees about different types of positions in their career field. Mentors are also encouraged to use their Career Ecosystem to help the mentee develop her professional network.


Are you looking for an opportunity to empower girls to become the next generation of leaders? Look no further! SPEAK Mentorship empowers girls of immigrant families to become leaders in the future workforce! Become a SPEAK mentor today!


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There are multiple benefits to mentoring. For you and the girls you mentor! Girls get more than one mentor, both culturally-similar and cross-cultural. Your unique perspective and guidance will help her grow in many ways.

Watch how one culturally-similar mentor identifies with her mentee based on their shared ethnic background. Moments like this one, reinforcing the mentees assets, can help develop a young girl’s confidence and strengthen her own identity and voice.

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Our approach using virtual platforms and mentoring rounds is meant to make mentoring flexible so everyone can mentor at their convenience! However, we understand if mentoring may not be possible for your right now.

There are always more ways to help! Donate and support a girl’s mentoring!

You can also set up company matching donations, and make sure your place of work matches your donation to SPEAK Mentorship — supporting 2 mentoring rounds.

Corporations are pushing forward diversity agendas, and SPEAK is developing a pipeline of diverse workforce leaders. Can you corporation sponsor SPEAK?

This is for the girl who wants to study science but needs the education system to help her break through gender stereotypes. This is for the girl who wants to pursue a career but needs some mentoring to get her started.
— Melissa DeRosa, Secretary to NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo, Chairwoman of NYS Council on Women & Girls.