Exploratory Years


An invite only program…

The Exploratory Years are for those students who have proven their commitment to themselves and their ability to be held accountable to mentors. This self-led program will allow you to work with mentors independently, as you continue to explore college and career pathways.


An Invite-Only Program

Explore Your Future

As graduates of the Foundational Year, you now have the skills of communication, time management, and understand the foundational principles of mentoring. You should be able to develop a relationship with your mentor by asking questions that open doors to learning and opportunities.


Find the Level That Meets Your Needs

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We offer 3 different levels of mentoring: Pro, Expert, and Master.

Each level has different benefits and you can learn more about each level below to find which one best meets your current needs.

You can either pay yearly for 4 mentoring rounds or pay as you go for each mentoring round. Paying yearly saves you money overall, but you should choose the subscription type that best works for you.

Depending on the mentoring level you choose, you will be able to schedule a certain number of sessions with your mentors. For example, in the Pro level, you can schedule a minimum of 4 sessions over three months and a maximum of 12 sessions over three months. Sessions range from as low as $5.50 - $26.25. Depending on whether you meet the maximum number of sessions you are allowed to schedule per mentoring round. The more sessions you meet per mentoring round, the lower the cost of each session. So, we suggest scheduling the maximum number of sessions and making sure you attend each session to maximize your ‘Return On Investment’ (ROI).

Exploratory Years mentees also get special newsletters with guided instruction to keep ahead of the college admissions process.

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